Divorce in Montana is a Dissolution of Marriage

In Montana, a Divorce is called a Dissolution of Marriage and it involves more than just legally ending a marriage.  Depending on the circumstances, it may also involve division of property and assets, a division of debts, and even spousal maintenance (spousal support). If minor children are involved, then the courts will require an approved Parenting Plan Agreement.

Since Montana courts look to protect the minor(s) in a divorce, a Parenting Agreement Plan is required.  A Parenting Plan spells out exactly how the children in a divorce will be protected and provided for.  It will cover issues such as child custody, child support, medical insurance, visitation, etc. for the minor children. The Parenting Plan, when properly constructed and agreed upon and approved by the court, can provide both parents and children with consistency without future conflict between parents. The Family Law Attorneys, Terry L. Wolfe and Stephanie DeBoer, at Sol & Wolfe Law Firm recognize the importance of a good Parenting Plan and, while each case is different, they know how to structure an effective Parenting Plan Agreement aimed to provide children with a consistent, albeit different, family life.

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