Divorce Counseling for Couples

Counseling for Divorcing Couples

Terry Wolfe, Family Law Attorney for Sol & Wolfe Law Firm PLLP is pleased to offer a Couples Divorce Counseling option at a reduced fee. This service is provided in the expectation that many couples have the desire to amicably resolve their property, debt and parenting issues but do not know how to approach resolution fairly.  With 27 years experience, Terry Wolfe is in a position to help couples attempt to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution designed to provide the best and most reasonable result possible for both parties and also facilitate a parenting arrangement in consideration of the child's/children's best interest. Couples desiring this service must recognize that this law firm will represent neither of them if an agreement is not reached and litigation is pursued.  The firm’s efforts will be viewed akin to mediation, meaning that the confidential communications made during resolution efforts will not be disclosed to other attorneys or the Court.  Fees for this service will be determined on a case-by-case basis and services may include as little as giving direction to the parties’ self-help efforts or providing agreements and other documents to be executed by the parties for filing with the Court.  Please reference “Couples Divorce Counseling” if you are wanting to arrange an appointment for this special service offered by Sol & Wolfe Law Firm PLLP.

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